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Blank – External Weatherproof Full Size (Increments of 250)

Blank – External Weatherproof Full Size (Increments of 250)

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Make your inventory stand out from the competition!! This revolutionary product will not only help you sell more cars, it will help you save money as well. At™, our exterior labels are manufactured to last and will stand up to snow, rain and heat without fading or defacing.

Some of the benefits of using™ weatherproof lot labels are:

  1. Increased Visibility – Have window tint? No problem!
  2. Superior Durability – Our external labels have been fully tested to withstand heat, rain and snow!
  3. No Roll Down Loss – Many times, interior labels tend to wear down and rip due to the brutal internal temperatures your inventory faces in the summer months. Exterior labels do not have this peel off issue when the window is rolled up or down, saving you MONEY!
  4. No More Damage to Window Tint – Tired of taking a razor blade to tint in order to get off the window labels? When using external labels, they adhere to the outside of the window, where there is no tint. Save yourself not only money, but also the headaches that come with having to replace window tint for your brand new customer.


($0.85 per Label; Ordered in quantities of 250)

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